National Social Worker’s Month

National Social Worker’s Month

During the month of March, social workers celebrate their profession by highlighting the important contributions social workers make to society. As social workers, they provide compassion, advocacy and empathy.

Social workers work with organizations and families in such causes as civil right protection for all people regardless of gender, faith or sexual orientation, humane treatment for people with mental illness and developmental disabilities and access to appropriate health care.

Our social worker at Pine Ridge , Connie Allen, works with our residents and their families in striving to meet their individual needs. We have care plan meetings quarterly in our conference room. It is an opportunity for the people in clinical and emotional support roles to talk about the care they are providing.

For the families, the care conference is a chance to more deeply understand how their loved one is being supported clinically and emotionally, as well as provide feedback and valuable insight to their loved one’s care staff. It is also a time for the staff at Pine Ridge to discover how we can support the families.

We are thankful for Connie and all that she does for our residents of Pine Ridge. We are privileged and honored to be given that trust and cherish the relationships we develop with you and your loved ones in the process.

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